28 November, 2015

New York Zetas: 2020 Perfect Vision

New Chapter The NYS 2020 Centennial Celebration of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated will be a world-class event that focuses on Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated in the State of New York and extends to include centennial events in the entire State. This celebration will be open to New York State Sorors, Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated, NPHC, other fraternal organizations, political figures, community partners, social and civic organizations, as well as the general public at large. This celebration will be a series of spectacular events producing an extraordinary experience leading up to 2020!

Tentative New York Zetas: 2020 Perfect Vision – Centennial Program Timeline

2015 – Celebration of Finer Womanhood:
A collection of workshops and activities surrounding mental and physical health, fashion, leadership training for the executive woman, and career fairs

2016 – Celebration of Scholarship:
A focus on adopt schools within New York State, focus on our Undergraduate Sorors within the State of New York, a New York State “White Rose Debutante Ball” for our Archonettes.

2017 – Celebration of Service:
An extensive focus on Z HOPE, Social Action, and Eldercare activities.

2018 – Celebration of Sisterhood:
A focus on strengthening sisterhood relations among the members through events, bonding activities, positive reinforcement and sisterhood recognition. We will focus on Recruitment, Reclamation, and Retention.

2019 – Celebration of our Blue & White Family:
A focus on Family! We will focus on the reaffirmation of our relationship with our brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated and celebrate our unique and special relationship in the fraternal order.

New York Zetas: 2020 Perfect Vision Committee:

  • Shanell Robinson – New York State Director
  • Ayris Granby – Finer Womanhood Team
  • Denise Gray – Finer Womanhood Team
  • Katrina Banks – Scholarship
  • Virna Springer – Scholarship – Youth Focus
  • Sophia K. Franklin – Service – Z HOPE Focus
  • Mychelle Edwards - Service – Elder Care Focus
  • Denise Leary – Service – Social Action Focus
  • Monica Jackson – Sisterhood
  • Michelyn Johnson – Sisterhood
  • Brandi Langhorn – Blue & White Family
  • Wilhelmine James – Blue & White Family
  • Dola Edwards – Merchandising Team Leader
  • Cynthia Dunbar – Special Events Co-Team Leader
  • Clara Ospina – Special Events Co-Team Leader
  • Sameea Bella – Funding & Financial Team Leader
  • Latricia Warren – 2020 Centennial Toolkit Team Leader
  • Portia Harvey – 2020 Project Coordinator
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